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Working on a Sailing Vessel: we're looking for you!

The Dutch shipping company Tallship Company from Franeker has four sailing vessels: Bark Artemis, Barkentine Atlantis, Barkentine Antigua and Klipper Elizabeth. Our ships are sailing on the European Waters: North- and Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Irish Sea and at the waters around Spitsbergen.

From the end of April to the end of October our ships are sailing with a permanent crew. The crew consists of a captain, chief mate, one or two deckhands, a cook and two or three service workers. Part of the crew is sailing for us for a long time, but every season there are a few vacancies to fill in. Are you interested in a job at our shipping company? Please contact us. or telephone 0031 517 342 810 

Contact person is Jan Bruinsma

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