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We would like to offer you the opportunity to get to know our crew members better, and experience their passion for the sea. Stay tuned as we gradually unveil the stories and adventures of our sailing crew here.

Jan Bruinsma

Hi Adventurers! I’m Jan Bruinsma, together with my brother Jelle I am co-owner and founder of the Tallship Company. In the early ‘90s, I set sail with the goal to lift the guest experience on board to a new level as captain on Clipper Elizabeth, which marked the birth of the Tallship Company. Over three decades, this vision evolved into a fleet featuring the likes of Artemis, Atlantis, and Antigua – each ship telling tales of history and luxury. I’m all about pushing the limits, crafting adventures where tradition and modern comfort come together. Join me on this journey, as we chart courses and create unforgettable memories. Fair winds!
Sharinda Smelt

Hi there! Many of our guests already know me, because I am the one who is mostly answering our phone and our mailbox. But if it is your first time on our website, I am very happy to give you a short introduction of who I am. My name is Sharinda Smelt and since the beginning of 2019 I am a member of the Tallship Company office crew. I am responsible for the guests contact, bookings and the finances. Not a day in the office is the same as the day before, and that makes that my job is perfectly fitting to me. If you have any questions about our trips, ships, bookings, invoices or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very happy to help you further and to make your sailing trip a perfect one!
Marjolein Barendrecht

Ahoy there! I’m Marjolein, the one behind the scenes ensuring everything runs shipshape. My journey with the Tallship Company began in the service on these grand vessels. I moved from the ships to the office, and here I am as Crewing Officer. It’s not just about schedules and logistics for me; it’s about creating a crew that feels like family. My time at sea has seasoned me, giving a fresh perspective with a touch of practical wisdom. I’m passionate about crew dynamics. A tight-knit crew ensures a seamless voyage, and I’m here to foster that sense of unity. Together, we make the Tallship experience unforgettable. As I steer my course, I invite you to join us on these incredible journeys.
Are you interested to become part of the crew? Check out our vacanies here. Or feel free to contact us.
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