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Spitsbergen 2 (Photo trip)
with the Antigua




In the afternoon the Antigua crew welcomes you on board. After settling in your cabin, you get to meet your fellow sailors and the captain will introduce the crew and tell you everything there is to know about life on board. After leaving port, the ship glides through the waters of Isfjord. The route takes us along the west and north coast of Spitsbergen. The captain and tour leader look for the most beautiful spots for excursions, considering the weather, wind and ice conditions at the time.

If the winds are favorable, the sails of the impressive three-master are set and you are more than welcome to join the crew in doing so. We sail along the magnificent coast, riddled with glaciers and the jagged mountain tops that give Spitsbergen its name. The ship of course has a motor as well, so if the winds are unfavorable or even absent, we can still reach our next destination. In case we need to cover longer distances, we will sail through the night; otherwise we will anchor, sheltered in a fjord.

Our land excursions take us to the remnants of different periods of Spitsbergen’s history, for example blubber ovens and the graves near old whaling stations, trapper huts, weather stations and collieries. Famous explorers like Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile also left traces of their expeditions.


This sailing trip has an emphasis on photography and is accompanied by a photographer. He organizes various lectures and photo sessions on board and accompanies the practical sessions during the excursions. On board is also an excursion leader, who can tell you everything there is to know about this beautiful area, its history and its flora and fauna. At this time of year the light creates a very special atmosphere.


There will be one or two shore excursions a day, with an emphasis on photography, but also with the space and time to experience this unique environment. The Antigua will sail to the next destination between shore excursions. This time at sea can be enjoyed with a cup of tea in the warm saloon chatting with your fellow travellers, reading a book or even editing your photos.


Of course we can never say this with certainty, but with a bit of luck we also get to see whales. In these waters mainly dwarf minke whales and belugas, but also the fin whale. Polar bears can also pop up everywhere, but despite their size these are more difficult spot.


Our journey takes us to various fjords with fascinating glaciers hugging the mountains and will show us the geological and scenic diversity of the Arctic world.


In September the first snow might cover the landscape under a beautiful white blanket and with a bit of luck the first northern lights can be spotted.

The Antigua arrives in Longyearbyen the night prior to your disembarkation, which gives you time to discover the city of Longyearbyen on the morning of departure.

At the moment there is no daily itinerary, as we like to keep it flexible in order to anticipate the weather, the location of any whales and other wild animals as we see or hear about them. The crew and the expedition leader coordinate the route in such a way that the best possible route is sailed, the most beautiful photo opportunities are observed and various landing sites are visited. If you require more information in advance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Expedition leader: Michelle van Dijk

Photographer: Alexander Lembke

The price includes accommodation in twin cabins with shower and toilet. Towels and bed linen are provided and all additional shipping costs and port fees are paid for. The full board consists of a breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet, an afternoon coffee break and dinner. In addition to the afternoon coffee break, coffee and tea are freely available all day.

Transfer costs and drinks (other than coffee and tea)

Recommendations for your trip:
Sporty casual clothing (suitable for wind, weather and rain), possibly a bathing suit. We recommend using soft travelbags, instead of hard case cases, as they are not suitable for stowing in the cabins. Remember to take your passport/ identity card and cash to settle your onboard account at the end of the trip. Card payment is not provided for.




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