Sail into
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Spitzbergen 1
 mit der Antigua



In the afternoon the crew of the Antigua expects you on board. After settling in your cabin, captain and crew welcome you on board and will tell you everything there is to know about life on board. After leaving port, the ship glides through the waters of Isfjord. The route takes us along the west and north coast of Spitsbergen. The captain and tour leader look for the most beautiful spots for excursions, of course always depending on weather, wind and ice conditions.

If the winds are favorable, the sails of the impressive three-master are set and you are more than welcome to join the crew in doing so. We sail along the magnificent coast, riddled with glaciers en the jagged mountain tops that give Spitsbergen its name. The ship of course has a motor as well, so if the winds are unfavorable or even absent, we can still reach our next destination. In case of longer distances, we will sail through the night; otherwise we will lie on anchor, sheltered in a fjord.

Our land excursions take us to the remnants of different periods of Spitsbergen’s history, for example blubber ovens and the graves near old whaling stations, trapper huts, weather stations and collieries. Famous explorers like Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile also left traces of their expeditions.

The more experienced walkers can make a longer walk on the tundra or a light mountain climb to a beautiful view point. But in general the land excursions last between two and three hours.

Because there is still a al lot of snow in May the tracks will be shortened depending on the snow conditions. De snow and ice make the particular scenery look charismatic.

On the tundra close encounters with reindeer and polar fox are very likely. De Arctic Bird breeding season is starting up so there are several species of birds to be spotted. At several places we might encounter walruses. Seals like bearded seal and ringed seal we may expect almost everywhere. Of course we will take all time to watching animals, on land as well as on sea.

We can't promise of course, but with a bit of luck whales will show themselves. These waters are mainly inhabited by minke whales and belugas as well as fin whales. Polar bears can be found anywhere, but despite their huge size, can be difficult to spot. 

We sail deep into fjords towards the fascinationg glacier snouts and glide past the varied and marvelous arctic landscapes. The Midnight sun will shine 24 hours a day and the Artic Animal world is deligently at work (breading season)

After 9 days in the wild we return to Longyearbyen 

Expeditionleader: Sarah Gerats


Im Reisepreis enthalten ist die Unterbringung in Zweibettkabinen mit Dusche und WC, Handtücher, Bettwäsche, alle Schiffsnebenkosten und Hafengebühren. Die Vollverpflegung besteht aus einem Frühstücksbuffet, Lunchbuffet, Kaffeepause, Dinner sowie Kaffee und Tee ganztägig.


Transferkosten und Getränke


Sportliche Freizeitkleidung (für Wind, Wetter und Regen geeignet), evtl. Badesachen, Reisepass oder Personalausweiss. Gepäck in Reisetaschen (Hartschalenkoffer sind ungeeignet zum Verstauen in den Kabinen). Alle Getränke an Bord können am Ende der Reise bar abgerechnet werden. Kartenzahlung ist nicht möglich.


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