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Milemaker Harlingen - Bod
ø NOR with the Antigua




This trip is all about sailing! We have a goal and we know when we need to achieve it, so we'll also be sailing throughout the night to cover as many miles as possible in a day. Preferably under sail, as it not only more sustainable and economical, but also the ultimate way to enjoy this adventure on a tallship! A milemaker trip is often planned with some leeway to allow for bad weather, however if the weather gods are well intentioned we might be able to use the time gained through the favourable winds to get you ashore for an excursion or a stopover.    

On the North Sea the ship will travel along the East and North Frisian Islands towards the coast of Norway. The Norwegian coast is usually reached after 3 days and nights.

Based on what the weather gods gave us to work with, we will decide on how to proceed. If we have made good progress, the captain will certainly go into a fjord, to admire its beauty and possibly visit an extra port. At 66 ° North we will cross the Arctic Circle to moor in Bodø as our final destination.

As a co-sailor, you are welcome to assist our crew in the daily running of the vessel. This could be hoisting the sails, but being part of a nightwatch would also be a possibility. 

Potential ports of call: Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim

Potential ports may or may not be possible to visit during your trip with us, as the choice of port is always dependent on the prevailing wind at the time.





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