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Three Mast Barque Artemis

Day charters, 120 guests, 32 – 36 persons in cabins

The Artemis – named after the godess of the hunt – was built in Norway in 1926 for whaling purposes and sailed until the late 1940s in the North and South Polar Seas. In the fifties it was converted into a freighter and sailed between Asia and South America until she was no longer competitive and was taken out of service.

In 2001 the Artemis got new owners who transformed her into the elegant sailing ship she once was. In the hold, where many a whale had been skinned, you now find fourteen comfortable cabins with shower and toilet. The ship has central heating and air-conditioning; the most modern navigation and communication equipment and a small hotel kitchen that has everything you can think of. Of course all prescribed safety provisions for sailing the seven seas are present.

The Artemis satisfies even the most demanding guest with her excellent sailing qualities and her unique combination of saling tradition and modern comfort.

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Sailing areas

Baltic Sea / North Sea / Europe / Worldwide

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Technical facts

The sail plan of the three mast barque Artemis

Rig: Three mast barque
Building year: 1926
Home port: The Netherlands
Measures: Length: 59 m
Width: 7,01 m
Depth: 3,49 m
Tonnage: 212 tons
Main mast: 31 m
Sail surface: 1050 m²
Speed: up to 9 knots / motoring up to 7 knots
Machine: Main motor: Caterpillar 550 hp + bow thruster
2 generators (2x 40 kVA)

Fittings and Service

The deck plan of the three mast barque Artemis

At sea: Radar, satellite navigation, fax, e-mail
Service: 16 Cabins with shower and toilet, of which 7 for triple (1 single en 1 double bed) and 9 for two persons (2 singles). All rooms with central heating and air conditioning, 2 extra toilets, a complete hotel-kitchen with dishwasher and large walk in fridge, a bar, two saloons for 25 and 80 persons respectively, radio, cd-player, a rubber dinghy with outboard motor.
Safety: The compliance to safety regulations (means of rescue, fire protection etc.) and the ship’s seaworthiness is inspected every year and passed by the Dutch shipping inspection.
(International Maritime Organization (IMO) Nr. 5209699)

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Enjoy the maritime flair in the harbor and the shore leave.