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Tall Ship Company

The Tall Ship Company – a unique sailing company with magnificent ships

Have you ever been aboard a tall ship and witnessed how the sails were hoisted and experienced the ship slowly gathering speed? Perhaps you’ve stood at the helm or climbed the rigging or helped set the sails? Then you must have felt the pleasure that comes from these majestic sailing veterans, so you’ll understand our passion for tall ships.

Company events in a maritime atmosphereCompany events in a maritime atmosphere

Team-building in different circumstances. A sailing ship is a unique location for. »» more

Up to the high north

Discover the Arctic coasts and the pristine natural beauty of Spitsbergen on board the Antigua. »» more

It’s this passion that inspires sailors – male and female – all over the world to keep their ships sailing, and modernise them as well. The days when sailors suffered in inhospitable accommodation with clammy hammocks is fortunately past. Modern sailing ships combine the authentic experience of historic sailing with the comfort and safety of contemporary times.

Our five carefully restored sailing ships are proof of this. All five offer a unique combination of real adventure, unforgettable outdoor experiences and a first class service for our guests. They provide space for inner rest, concentration and relaxation while, at the same time, you feel part of a tight community.

Three Mast Schooner Mare Frisium Three Mast Schooner Mare Frisium Barkentine Atlantis Barkentine Atlantis

Companies benefit from the opportunity to inspire their business partners or employees; to forge them into a team and entice them into coming up with fresh ideas and great performances. Our choices range from participation in maritime events, windjammer races or shorter trips and magical receptions or parties in distant ports. We are convinced everyone will enjoy their time on board one of our tall ships, whether it is hours, days or weeks.

A ship of the Tall Ship fleet to sea - an unforgettable experience.